Helping Your Child Set and Achieve Goals

Setting goals and working towards achieving them is an essential life skill that can set your child up for success. As a parent, you play a pivotal role in teaching your child this critical ability. By guiding them through the goal-setting process and supporting them along the way, you empower them to pursue their dreams and develop persistence in overcoming obstacles.

Why Goal Setting Matters

Goal setting equips children with vital skills such as planning, prioritising, problem-solving, decision-making, and self-motivation. Research shows that finding purpose and meaning through goal setting boosts motivation, happiness, and life satisfaction. When children set their own goals, they take ownership of their learning and development. They realize that their success lies within their own hands. Goal achievement also builds self-confidence to take on greater challenges. Equipped with these skills early on, children are better positioned to unlock their potential.

When to Start Goal setting can start early, as early as pre-school ages. Simple goals like learning to tie shoelaces, counting to 10, or riding a tricycle allow young children to experience success. Such foundational goals pave the way for more complex goals as they grow older. Goals can expand to academics, sports, arts, or any arena your child shows interest in. Regardless of age, ensuring the goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) sets them up for achievement.

4 Steps to Guide Your Child in Goal Setting

  1. Discover their interests and passions

Have an open conversation with your child about what excites them. Observe what piques their curiosity, and notice any special talents beginning to shine through. Instead of imposing your goals on them, help spark their internal motivation by tapping into their interests. Discuss how setting goals can help manifest their dreams into reality.

  1. Help set a SMART goal

Collaborating on a S.M.A.R.T. goal ensures it is framed for success. Outline 2-3 goals and narrow it down to one standout goal to start. Make sure it is:

Specific - Well-defined with clear outcomes they’re aiming for. Measurable - Includes metrics to track progress. Achievable - Within their abilities; not too easy or difficult Relevant - Aligns with their values, interests, and overall objectives Time-bound - Grounds goal within a defined time period

Setting a SMART goal crystallises an inspiring vision into defined steps for achievement.

  1. Break it down into milestones

Chunking down a major goal into bite-sized milestones makes it digestible and easier to accomplish. Have your child map out milestone check-ins from start to finish. This provides built-in opportunities for assessment, feedback, and adjustment while allowing them to track progress.

  1. Check-in and troubleshoot obstacles

Schedule regular check-ins to assess progress, provide encouragement, help strategize any setbacks, and celebrate small wins along the journey. If your child feels like giving up, have an empathetic discussion exploring what’s deterring them. Is the goal still relevant? Were milestones set too ambitiously? How can they adjust moving forward? Collaborating to troubleshoot instead of criticising them and re-engaging them.

Perhaps milestone #3 of running 2 miles was too big of a jump from 1.5 miles. Reassess and set an interim milestone of running 1.75 miles before 2 miles. Praise for their dedication, problem-solving abilities, and any bit of progress focuses them on the bright side. Support them in re-calibrating milestones if needed while highlighting accomplishments made so far.

Fostering Grit and Growth Mindset

Children grow accustomed to instant gratification nowadays. But goal setting and achievement build grit to persist despite pitfalls. Children come to realise they can get smarter through effort when you praise their perseverance instead of just their talent. Communicating a growth mindset teaches them abilities can grow with dedication. Help them see setbacks as feedback to propel them forward in innovative ways. Goal setting gifts children with the blueprint that hard work and determination combine to make dreams a reality.

Every child possesses unique strengths and dreams waiting to fully ignite. By first discovering your child’s sparks, collaborating with them to sculpt a SMART goal, mapping out milestones, checking in regularly, and fostering grit, you equip them to defy limitations and boldly bring purpose to life!

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